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The Shut-ups

We are a five-piece new-wave power-pop band from Atlanta and Athens, GA.

We practice every day (excluding Sundays) at 6:00 a.m. sharp. We do more before 8:30 a.m. than most bands do in an entire week.

We are not about Pleasure. We are not about Fun. You might enjoy listening to our music. You might not. You might pretend to enjoy it because others whom you respect seem to be enjoying it. It may be that they are pretending, too. In which case you might want to ask yourself what else they're pretending about.

We have five albums out. Our third, The STUD Album: Seduction Strategies for the Twenty-First Century, is loud and skanky. Our fourth, Imaginary Dancer, is cold and sterile. Our fifth, Just Another Generation, is a half-hour treatise on our intersections with Time. Our first and second albums explode when described.

We tend to appear. We usually give notice. You could come. If you seem unintelligent, we may ask you to leave. If you speak during the show, we may ask you to leave. If you seem overly enthusiastic, we will definitely ask you to leave.

Sometimes, in the middle of a performance, we grow hungry and pass a sandwich around. The sandwich will not be passed to you. You will not be told what is in the sandwich.

Sometimes we grow bored onstage and do a little light reading. You will not know what we are reading.

Sometimes during a show we meditate until we achieve a state of Oneness. You will not notice any outward signs of this Oneness, but it is not our fault if you are spiritually underdeveloped.

Sometimes, when we are feeling especially formal, each of us wears two ties. You will feel inadequate.

We grade our fans every semester. Harshly. There is a penalty for showing up late to shows. There is a penalty for speaking to us after shows. There is a penalty for dancing ungracefully. And for applauding prematurely. And for using rude words in mixed company. And for drinking to excess.

It may be helpful to re-read Leviticus prior to each performance.

Men must wear a suit and tie. Make sure the belt matches the shoes and that your face is closely shaven (mustaches are optional and must be well-combed). There is a deduction for beards. Women must not expose their knees and in general must take care not to dress too provocatively. We frown on contractions such as "Don't", "Can't" and "Shouldn't", and we abhor the misuse of the words "literally", "hopefully" and "ironic".

There are secret bonus points, but they have not, as yet, been earned, nor are they likely to be.

We are almost ashamed. To rock so hard. We would prefer a world in which everyone were equally talented. We entered this business as wide-eyed idealists, determined to stand in smug solidarity with the many millions of musical mediocrities, speaking Banality to Genius. But after a few weeks of this, things seemed to change. To our horror, we discovered that we had become TOTALLY AWESOME.

My Bands Sessions

Friday, June 22

9:00pm EDT